Peter Tavy

On the outskirts of Dartmoor, Peter Tavy is a tiny hamlet that contains a pub, the Peter Tavy Inn (!), a few houses and a beautiful church. It’s quite close to the town of Tavistock, which is well worth a visit and we will cover in another blog.

Dartmoor is literally only an hour away from home and I am ashamed to say that I have only visited on a couple of occasions. The weather forecast looked favourable at the end of the week, so hubby and I decided to go for a long walk and a feed. We contacted The Peter Tavy Inn and confirmed that they could cater for me. We were advised to book as it was a Friday and they get exceedingly busy.

Dartmoor did not disappoint. My view of Dartmoor, prior to visiting, was that it was a cold, damp place with an eerie feel to it and had many feral roaming animals! I have obviously read too many books and watched too many creepy films! We were very lucky with the weather – a lovely warm Indian-summer type of September day. When we reserved a table for lunch with the pub, we asked where we could park for the walk and they were happy to let us use the pub car park for free.

The walk itself was just amazing. The views are breathtaking and very awe-inspiring. I have always loved walking in the Lake District and thought that Devon’s terrain couldn’t compare, but I was so wrong. There were stiles, fields with sheep, bubbling streams, vast open spaces and craggy outcrops. Just lost for words (for once!). If you can, please visit – it truly is an awesome place.

Places to eat in Peter Tavy, Dartmoor

Finish a beautiful walk with a great meal in The Peter Tavy Inn.