Hartland, North Devon

If you have never been to Hartland Quay, you must add it to your bucket list of places to see before you die. It is one of North Devon’s most stunning areas of natural beauty (and why we moved here!) and remains relatively unspoilt. The waves of the Atlantic Ocean crash against the rugged rocks and transport you to a time when life was harder and yet more simple in so many ways.

It was a beautiful sunny day, so we put on our walking boots and ambled from Hartland Quay, over to Spekes Mill, round to Docton Mill (which has Saxon origins), Stoke and back again. It was breathtaking – literally – as parts of the walk were reasonably arduous! What was funny is that I have finally got my Instagram account sorted and so in my infinite wisdom I thought – I know what I’ll do – I’ll take loads of teaser pictures of the awesome scenery and post them up, share them on Facebook and Twitter and Bob’s your proverbial uncle…..except Hartland is in the back of beyond and 3G is flaky to say the least! So there I was with my phone held mid-air, hanging precariously as close to the cliff edge as I dared in order to get one bar! Quite funny really that I love the idyll of it being unspoilt, but can they sort out reception???

When I did manage to post up a lovely pic it was sideways! Think I need lessons on Instagram from my teenage children.

Anyway, Hartland itself is a small town with very quaint cottages. It has a few pubs and restaurants to eat in and for the arty visitor there are craft and pottery shops. Hartland Quay is a little drive from Hartland town itself, and it is so majestic and awe inspiring it is truly worth a visit. It is also a geologists’ dream as the rock formations are evidence of major geological events that have happened over the last 300 million years.

It also has been the location for many films and TV programmes such as the recent TV drama The Night Manager.

Places to eat in Hartland, Devon

The Hartland Quay Hotel is right on the most westerly point of the North Devon coastline and considering it has a captive market and is in a relatively high tourist area it provides excellent food and service.

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