Just on the North West coast of Devon, Woolacombe boasts a beautiful, three mile long, sandy beach. It is a very popular village for tourists and locals alike. In February 2016, Woolacombe beach was voted the number one beach in the UK on Tripadvisor. This was for the second year running. Just on from the main beach is a small cove called Barricane Beach. It is surrounded on the coastal side by huge rocks, where there are numerous rock pools, making it very private and secluded.

It has views of the Bristol Channel and on a clear day you can see Lundy Island. There is a local ancient rhyme about Lundy:
Lundy plain sign of rain;
Lundy high sign of dry;
Lundy low sign of snow.

So, if you see Lundy clearly, legend tells you to beware because bad weather is on the way! Having now lived here for nearly 13 years, I have yet to see the evidence that supports that theory!

Barricane Beach itself is quite an ethereal place. Rain or shine it is definitely a place to visit.

When the tide is out, the beach is sandy with a myriad of crushed seashells bought in by the Gulf Stream and because of this, the beach is a geologist’s dream. In fact, the beach, is famous for cowries and other sea shells that are not found anywhere else in the UK.

When the tide comes in the effect is a stunning crash of wave against rock – totally mesmerising how the rocks force the water up so they practically touch the top of the cliff edge.

A great place to visit and experience.

Places to eat in Woolacombe, Devon

A café… on the beach… in stunning, rugged North Devon… serving home made Caribbean food… what more could you possibly ask for?
Barricane Beach Cafe, Woolacombe